A New Chapter

In just a matter of weeks, The Chapel's Lockport Campus will have a new home facility at 25 Walnut Street, right in downtown Lockport. We talked about the Why recently (you can check out the explanation here), but it's also important that we talk about the How. That's the purpose of chronicling the journey in a forum like this: we want to bring you up to speed with the progress of renovating this new space as it becomes our home. I'll be making weekly updates (at minimum) to keep you in the communicative loop so you can continue praying and celebrating with us along the way. We need each one of you in this process.

While I've been having many planning conversations for weeks, things are really starting to heat up. We had a team of design-minded people walk through the facility and plan for each and every sign that will adorn the walls of this facility. Today we reviewed all 31 signage elements one by one. This team also taped out where things like the Information Center and Café will eventually go in our new atrium. We are seeking to create a space where people feel at home and will want to gather and converse.


You may think, "Is it really necessary to plan for things like that? Aren't there more important things to pay attention to?" Let me remind you: all of us had a first day at The Chapel (even me). We didn't always know where to go or what to do. Our aim is to always be mindful of guests who might be visiting us. In 1 Corinthians 14, Paul encourages the believers to be mindful of visitors in their corporate worship gatherings; he tells them to be considerate of those who may walk in the doors of a building that is designated for "church" use. This should be at the forefront of our minds at all times. We would hope that the people in our circles of influence would one day walk into 25 Walnut Street and feel immediately at home. If we can eliminate confusion, uncertainty, and awkwardness on the front end by paying attention to things like signage and layout, then we have done our job well. We want to clear the path of as many distractions as possible so that people can hear from God. That is why we do so much of what we do!

Today, I don't have as much of a tangible update as I will in future weeks. (And believe me: things like paint and carpet will be falling like dominoes with increasing speed as we move closer to June.) But I would remind you that in all things, we have an eye towards every man, woman, and child who will someday walk into this facility. We always want to plan, design, and construct through the filter of the mission so that we will be in the best possible position to see God work. That's our hope. That's our prayer.

Together for the Mission,

The Chapel's Lockport Campus

25 Walnut St, Lockport, NY 14094